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As states re-open for business, Norvell is pleased to offer an added level of support to help prepare your staff, business and customers for the post COVID-19 period. As the daily wellbeing of family and community is at the top of everyone’s mind, it seems likely your customers will expect an added level of protection when they visit your salon. So, we are pleased to offer a complimentary "Welcome Back Essential Pack", containing a free sample of MYST-X FDA approved 8 oz. hand sanitizer along with helpful information, to bring customers back and give them a fantastic spray tan experience.
Myst-X Hand Sanitizing Products

MYST-X Hand Sanitizer

Contains 80% Denatured Alcohol

  • Norvell is approved by the FDA to manufacture and distribute 80% denatured alcohol hand sanitizer to address the health and safety needs of the community.
  • MYST-X contains up to 25% more alcohol than leading brands, is quick drying, not sticky and unscented for 'clean feel'.
  • The ultra-fine mist provided fast & full coverage.
  • Hand sanitizer will be an essential product at the front desk and in all tanning rooms to help your customers and staff feel safe and healthy.
  • Available sizes:
    • Portable 8 oz. spray - sold in 6-pack
    • Refillable 32 oz. wall dispenser
    • Gallon Jugs - sold in 4-pack for easy 8 oz. refill
  • Available accessories:
    • Extended sprayer for the gallon jug
    • Funnel to dispense into smaller containers.

Call 888-974-9977 or visit Online Marketplace for current pricing and to order.

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Special bulk pricing available!

We regret to inform that price may change without notice based on cost and availability of materials. Limited quantities available for purchase based on supply.

Tanner Supplies

  • Important supplies available for purchase, including sticky feet/disposable sandals, nose filters, and other protective items included in the FDA spray tan advisory.

We regret to inform that price may change without notice based on cost and availability of materials.
Limited quantities available for purchase based on supply.

Essentials Pack Accessories
Essentials Pack - Best Customer Service

Live, Personal Support

  • Tech Service

    • Technicians are available to answer questions concerning re-starting your equipment
      Phone: 888-829-2831
  • Training

    • The Norvell training team is pleased to offer training for experienced and new artists. Given travel restrictions, training sessions will be conducted via Norvell University online or via Zoom/Skype video sessions, and in select locations, Beauty Schools. Please visit or follow Norvell University for ongoing training session updates.
    • Norvell University:
      The entire training curriculum is offered online 24/7. The videos provide detailed demonstration of the perfect spray tan technique – it is ideal for any artist, new and experienced.

Equipment Maintenance Checklists

  • As the spray tan business restarts, it is advisable to give your equipment a ‘tune up’, and the best way to do that is to follow the daily and weekly maintenance guidelines. This routine attention will maximize up-time and performance and will give your tanners the very best spray tan experience.
  • Norvell maintenance checklists
  • Call the Norvell customer care representative with any questions at 888-829-2831
Essentials Pack Equipment
Essentials Pack Spray Bottles

Norvell: Disinfecting, Sanitizing & Optimum Performance for your Spray Backdrops & Room

In the post COVID-19 environment, your customers will likely expect and take great comfort knowing the booth is disinfected and sanitized after every spray session. These are instructions regarding products Sunless, Inc. recommends to give your customers a safe and healthy spray experience.

  • To give maximum assurance, it is recommended the salon posts a sign in the spray room that indicates the salon's policy for disinfecting and sanitizing booths, and staffers should advise customers of that policy every time they escort a client to the spray room.
  • LUCASOLTM or VIREXTM products to disinfect and sanitize their booths.
    • These two proven products are designed to sanitize hard, non-porous surfaces of the booth which the tanner may touch, such as the floor, the start button inside the booth, door handles and the panel trim on entry-way.
    • LUCASOLTM or VIREXTM can be purchased online or via a local supplier or distributor. We encourage all salon owners and staff to follow the directions found on the package or on the brands’ website.
  • Routine Surface Cleaning: Norvell Eco-Clean is an ammonia-free formula that is safe for use on all acrylic surfaces, lexan, lucite, plexiglass. Eco-Clean can be purchased at your local distributor, or

Solution Freshness & Expiration FAQs:

Given the duration of the shutdown, the tanning solution you have is still fresh and will give a great tan. Norvell solutions usually ship within 2 weeks of production and have 7 months shelf life.

  • The expiration date, which is 7 months after date of production
  • The date ensures the tanning results are the same with every tan
  • Most solutions are shipped within 2 weeks of production date

Firm – formal scientific tests are conducted on every production batch to measure the expiration date

All tanning solutions have 7 months expiration depending on formulation, based on formal scientific tests are conducted on every production batch to measure the expiration date.

  • The development of the tan should be consistent until the expiration date, and very often beyond that date
  • On a slow and progressive basis, the intensity of the tan will become lighter – for instance, at 2 months after the expiration date, the tan will be less intense (i.e. Medium tan will be closer to Light tan)
  • The same shift may be seen in the instant color bronzers, mainly in the violet based bronzers

  • Norvell Hydrofirm: 12-months indicated on bottom of bottles
  • Norvell Vivid Quench: 12-months indicated on front of BIB
  • Norvell Xltan: 24-months indicated on bottom of bottles
  • Norvell Vivid Prime: 24-months indicated on front of BIB

Expiration on Retail Product that include DHA and Bronzer is 12 months.

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